Norfolk Feather Company

Why our duvets are different

The Norfolk Feather Company is a family business that has been pioneering the highest quality home comforts for over 90 years. We pride ourselves on a strong heritage of championing the finest Feather.
This philosophy has passed seamlessly through the generations and has seen us evolve from a small Feather supplier from local farms to the creation of our own signature range of products that are supplied to customers all over the UK.
With ethically sourced feathers, we are on a mission to transform the future of comfort by creating the highest quality products for our customers. Our duvets are a prime example. 



Summer Snug

4.5 Tog

One of the most luxurious range of duvets in the UK, the Norfolk Heritage is created using the highest quality ethically-sourced Hungarian Goose Down elegantly encased in a beautiful cotton cambric cover.

All Year Comfort

10.5 Tog

Perfect for autumn and spring. 10.5 tog duvets can keep you comfortable all year round. This is one of the most popular tog ratings.

Winter Warmer

13.5 Tog

This heavy-weight duvet is designed to ensure you don’t feel the chill in the depth of winter.