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Norfolk | Suspension Pillow

Medium to Firm Support


Norfolk | Suspension Pillow
Norfolk | Suspension Pillow Norfolk | Suspension Pillow Norfolk | Suspension Pillow


SUPPORT - Medium
SIZE - 74cm x 48cm
WEIGHT - 500g

The Norfolk Suspension Pillow uses an innovative design to give your pillow greater support and shape retention. 

The innovative x structure at the centre stops the pillow from flattening. Whilst creating a hammock to cradle your head. Not only providing comfort but keeping it plump and supportive all night long. A game changer.

Filled with Hi-Life Hollowfibre, specially selected for its open structure that allows air to circulate and gives a lovely bounce. Just like natural down.  

Many pillows flatten and do not recover unlike the Norfolk Suspension Pillow which stays plumper for longer. Just flip it over in the morning and it's ready for another blissful night of sleep. 

  • Ethically Sourced
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made in the UK
  • Machine Washable
  • Cotton Blend Case

About our Norfolk Range

The Norfolk range is our oldest, most comprehensive and most popular range of pillows. Offering everything from box, suspension and anti-allergy options, to our best-selling duck feather pillows. You’ll be sure to find a solution that will help you have a great night’s sleep.

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