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10 Tips to Beat the Heat this Summer

10 Tips to Beat the Heat this Summer

Whilst we all love to see the sun during the day, it can cause havoc with our sleep.  Here are 10 tips to help you beat the heat this summer:

#1 Stay hydrated - but be mindful of what you're drinking in terms of caffeine, sugar content and alcohol.

#2 Avoid napping during the day, even if the heat makes you sleepy.

#3 Stick to your usual bed time routines as much as possible.

#4 Keep hot air and direct sunlight out of the bedroom and keep windows and curtains closed during the day.

#5 When it is cooler in the evening, open windows and blinds to let fresh air in.  If it is quiet and safe to do so, you can leave the window open while you sleep.

#6 Reduce the amount of bedding you use and where possible opt for natural bedding options as these are better at regulating your body temperature than synthetic alternatives.

#7 Similarly, avoid synthetic nightwear and consider cotton alternatives (au naturel is a cost free option!)

#8 A fan can help, but make sure the noise doesn't disturb your sleep and avoid positioning it towards your head.

#9 Try filling a hot water bottle with cold water instead, or wear socks that have been chilled in the fridge - cooling your feet can lower your overall body temperature.

#10 Don't sweat it!  Don't worry if you have a few night's of disturbed sleep - stressing that you can't sleep won't help at all and most people can function well for a day or two.