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Neck & Spine Alignment

Neck & Spine Alignment

Waking up with neck or shoulder pain can be a result of sleeping on the wrong pillow.  You need to consider the position of your neck and spine, correctly aligning the two is key.  Firstly, you need to know your usual sleeping position: on your front, back or side. 

Front sleepers may not even require a pillow for your head, instead you may find it more comfortable to sleep with a pillow underneath your stomach or pelvis – wherever you need support.

Back sleepers usually don’t want their head to be too elevated (remember the aim is to sleep with your head, neck and spine in alignment).  Perhaps just try one standard pillow, or we have 5cm box construction pillows specifically designed for Back sleepers.

Side sleepers will probably be the most varied as it has a lot to do with your height/shoulder width.  To decide on the best pillow for you, measure the distance between your neck and the edge of your shoulder and then see our guide below (remember this is a guide only and trial and error might be needed)

< 10cm :        5cm walled Backsleeper pillow or a standard pillow

10-15cm :     10cm walled Sidesleeper pillow

15-20cm :     Consider using a standard pillow underneath a Sidesleeper pillow

20cm < :        15cm Deeper Sleeper pillow