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The A- Zzzzz's of a Good Night's Sleep

The A- Zzzzz's of a Good Night's Sleep

Anti-Allergy: We have developed a range of products more suitable for those with allergies.  The casing on these items has been specially treated and the fillings have been carefully selected for their high quality and cleanliness, meaning these products are less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Box Construction:  Pillows with walled sides instead of flat seams.  This can provide increased support as your neck and spine are in alignment whilst you sleep.

Back Sleeper:  Back Sleeper pillows have a box construction, typically 5cm depth, and are suitable for those who sleep mostly on their back to support neck and spine alignment.

Breathable:  Our natural fill products are breathable, meaning that air can pass readily through them, which in turn will help with temperature and humidity regulation while you sleep.

Cotton:  Many of our products are made with 100% cotton covers, making them super soft, entirely natural and easy to maintain.  We ensure that all of our cotton is ethically sourced.

Cambric: This is a closely woven fabric and is used to prevent feathers from poking through the pillows/duvets, this is known as down-proofing.

Continental: Square pillows, popular across Europe, measuring 65x65cm.  Great for adding extra support where needed.

Down:  Down is the fine layer of fluffy feathers, which provide insulation for the birds.  Their composition makes them softer and lighter than standard feathers and it is the down content which provides the comfort and softness in our pillows/duvets.

Down Cluster:  A group of down feathers providing natural springback and improved insulation.

Ethically Sourced:  We have a number of audits in place and ensure that all of our suppliers do too.  All of our feather and down products are sourced as a by-product of the food industry - our suppliers are all accredited to Responsible Down Standard/DownPass/Downmark, which guarantees full traceability and ensures the highest standards of animal welfare have been met.

Feather:  Our feathers are all ethically sourced from ducks and geese as a by-product of the food industry.  They provide the bulk and structure in out natural fill pillows and duvets.

Feels Like Down:  The fibres in our synthetic fill ranges have been carefully selected to provide the same levels of comfort as our natural down options.

Gusset:  The "walls" of the pillows or duvets.

Hollowfibre:  A synthetic filling comprising of hollow micrefibres.

Hi-Wash: Whilst many of our products are machine washable, our Hi-Wash range has been tested for 5 washes at 60 degrees and does not change shape/lose comfort.

Hypo-Allergenic:  A product or material that has been designed/treated to ensure that it is less likely to cause an allergic reaction.


Jacquard:  A decorative weaving technique.

King Size:  King Size pillows for King Size beds.  Our king size pillows measure 91x48cm.

Loft:  The term used for the "height" given to pillows/duvets by the size and quality of the feather and down content.

Made in Britain:  We are incredibly proud of our Made in Britain accreditation.  All of our pillows are made by our skilled production colleagues on site in Diss.

Machine Washable:  Check the care label of the item, but many of our products are machine washable.  Domestic washing machines/tumble dryers may not be big enough to properly wash and dry large duvets though, so consider getting them professionally cleaned.  Using protectors will reduce the need for washing.

Natural:  Our natural fill products are filled with Duck/Goose Feather and Down.


Pillow Spray:  Specially created for Norfolk Feather, our Pillow Spray/Mist has been blended with essential oils known for their calming and relaxing properties, designed to help you sleep better.

Piping:  Used on the seams of some of our pillows and duvets to provide a more decorative finish.

Quilted:  Pillow/Duvet casing that has been sewn in a quilted pattern, this can provide additional comfort in pillows or it can be used to ensure an even fill in duvets.

Responsible Down Standard (RDS):  a voluntary global initiative ensuring that all feather and down products have not been subjected to any form of animal cruelty.

Synthetic:  Our synthetic options are filled with man made fibres and can be a better option for those with allergies.

Side Sleeper:  Box construction pillows, typically 10cm depth, suitable for people who sleep mostly on their sides to ensure their neck and spine stay in alignment.

Springback:  A pillow's ability to return to its natural state, sometimes a measure of firmness.

Thread Count (TC):  How densely woven the threads in a fabric are.

Tog:  The measurement of thermal insulation commonly used in duvets.  The higher the tog, the warmer the duvet should be.

Turbidity:  This is a measure of cleanliness applied to feather and down products, we ensure all of our suppliers check and test the feather regularly.


V Shape Pillow:  We offer both feather and fibre V shape support pillows, these can be used in armchairs or in bed to provide additional support where needed.

Walled Support:  This refers to our box construction pillows, which have walled sides rather than flat seams to provide increased support for your neck and spine whilst you sleep.



Zzzzzz:  The noise you make when you Sleep Better with Norfolk Feather.